interdisciplinary artist
The artist David Reumüller lives in Sausal, Austria. Since 1997, he mostly works as an artist, musician and filmmaker on interdisciplinary projects.
8444 St.Andrä i. Sausal, Steiermark, Austria

David Reumüller


since 1997/ with Andreas Heller

conserts in europe,
releases on “Rock Is Hell
Records”, “Noise Appeal Records”
“Interstellar Records”

more information, pictures, discography:

Picture of the two REFLECTOR musicians David Reumüller and Andreas Heller (fltr) sitting in an old fashioned bar


since 2014/ with Manfred Engelmayr and Bernd Heinrauch.

(more information on facebook)

Blurry picture of Bernd Heinrauch, Manfred Engelmayr, David Reumüller (fltr)